People Principles is a Fractional People Operations consultancy that helps startups and small businesses establish strong People Ops infrastructure and implement scalable programs consistent with their values and growth plan, with an eye towards the future. 

Our vision is to make work, work for everyone.

We emphasize values and relationships, as opposed to a more traditional or transactional approach. We are a forward-thinking, modern solution for companies looking to build or improve their People Operations practices for better business outcomes.


Vision, Mission, Values


Our vision is to make work, work for everyone. 

The “future of work” is now, and without alignment between employers and employees neither succeeds. 


Our mission is to transform the workplace landscape from the outdated norms of yesteryear, to today’s needs, prioritizing respect, authenticity, transparency, communication and equity.

By cultivating cultures rooted in alignment, authenticity, and accountability, we strive to create a harmonious balance between employers and employees where work thrives for all.




Human first, human always

We prioritize the well-being of our team, customers, and communities. We put humanity first in all our interactions, relationships and partnerships.  Your individuality is your superpower and we welcome every part of you. 



Hold yourself accountable

We take ownership of the experience we create in every interaction. At People Principles everyone is accountable and open to feedback, because we all have the potential to do better, be better and provide better for our clients.



Change is energizing

The world is ever-changing, and we evolve with it. Change is not a threat, but a chance to create something even better. We believe that by adapting and growing together, we can build a brighter future.



Keep it in perspective

We are thoughtful, adaptable, and open-minded. We strive to consider all relevant viewpoints and maintain a grounded perspective in all situations.

Executive Profile

Joi Smith is a dynamic and dedicated People Operations and Strategy executive with over 20 years of experience serving companies of all sizes from early-stage start-ups to large merged companies and nonprofits. Her passion for People Operations is holistic, seeking mutually beneficial outcomes for both employers and employees. 

As an executive herself, she believes in a partnership and trusted advisor approach, understanding that organizational leaders often face complex pressures and require partners who can see beyond the obvious and provide options for making the best decisions. 

Her people-first leadership style, coupled with her creative problem solving ability led her to research and implement a values-based approach as a way to address the changes we’ve seen in the workplace over the last several years. She is now eager to share the benefits of this approach with her clients. 

With People Principles Consulting, her goal is to support organizations as they grow and scale while setting a new standard for how employment is perceived and how that relationship can be improved. 

Joi earned her Bachelors degree in Journalism and Advertising from the University of Colorado-Boulder before pursuing her MBA in Human Resources Management at Golden Gate University. Her values-based approach to leadership and her commitment to building relationships based on trust and alignment have helped her achieve incredible outcomes for organizations across industries.

She is also an avid sports fan, Peloton addict, wine enthusiast and animal lover.