People Principles is a Fractional People Operations consultancy that helps startups and small businesses establish strong People Ops infrastructure and implement scalable programs consistent with their values and growth plan, with an eye towards the future. 

Our vision is to make work, work for everyone.

We emphasize values and relationships, as opposed to a more traditional or transactional approach. We are a forward-thinking, modern solution for companies looking to build or improve their People Operations practices for better business outcomes.

Join us on our mission to shape the future of work and create lasting success for your organization.

What Are Your Business Needs?

People Strategy

We create customized strategic services for modern People Operations programs that align with your values, improve relationships between leadership and your team, and support better business outcomes.

Fractional Leadership

We manage your functional and strategic People Operations needs without the cost of a full-time team member. usiness outcomes.

People Principles In Action

Cynthia DiehlGallup CliftonStrengths Certified Coach
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"Working together on several initiatives, Joi and I immediately connected, and she made me feel at ease instantly! Her value-based approach speaks to who she genuinely is as a professional businesswoman. Her dedication and passion for fostering a harmonious alignment between employers and employees is a breath of fresh air. Finally, someone who truly comprehends the much-needed change the corporate world needs in order to have a thriving work environment. If you’re looking for an expert in people operations that has an enthusiastic and genuine style, you’ve come to the right place!"
Paul PolmanFormer CEO of Unilever
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"Values-based leaders are our beacon of hope in a world where confusion and uncertainty are pervasive. They lead with their hearts and show us that we too can live and work with purpose and meaning."
Rachel HappeFounder of Engaged Organizations
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“The biggest issue by far that is holding organizations back is outdated mindsets….The need to control – the need to demand engagement – will not work in an era where people-work is ambiguous, assessing, collaborating, innovating, negotiating, and building relationships…The organizations that invest in their people will be the winners because their empowered and energized workforces will better serve customers and maintain the relationships that drive brand value.”
Ken BlanchardAuthor and Leadership Expert
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"Values-based leadership is about making decisions that are grounded in ethical principles and treating people with respect and dignity."
Sean MartinTechnology Outsourcing Executive
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"Working with Joi is always an invigorating experience. Her willingness to collaborate, rather than dictate, was greatly appreciated by my entire leadership team. Her profound insights into the HR landscape are nothing short of eye-opening. I deeply value her ability to anticipate potential obstacles before they arise. She truly is a fantastic partner."
Caitlin Ruiz, M.S. CIRFounder of Human Design Consulting LLC
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"I've had the immense pleasure of working with Joi on a few different engagements over the years. She is an incredible HR and human capital partner. if you can get on her calendar, I highly recommend engaging her if your organization is looking for guidance from a true people person. Joi is not only intelligent, articulate, and passionate about her work but she is also a thoughtful leader and teacher… It was an absolute pleasure to work with Joi… If you haven't emailed her yet, I don't know what you're waiting for."

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The future of work is now.

A company’s ability to seamlessly respond to changes in how people work does not go unnoticed by top talent. If you realize the importance of the people management function to the success of the business, we’d love to talk to you. Let us help you build for the future.


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